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Lawn games are totally trending for weddings and events and we don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Searching for suggestions? Here are 13 from us!

  • Giant Jenga
  • Cornhole
  • Big Scrabble
  • Lifesize Checkers
  • Lifesize Chess
  • Ring toss
  • Giant Tic Tac Toe
  • Croquet
  • Wooden Bowling
  • Bocce Ball
  • Twister (painted on the grass or a custom made blanket)
  • Balloon Dart Board
  • Giant Pick Up Sticks

Notice that “Giant” is a trend? Lawn game aint a lawn game ‘less it’s lifesize.

Until next time!


You know we love Ventanas and you know we love Offbeat Bride. The two together? Dream come true!

We were part of a Friendors Inspiration Collaboration at Ventanas that was published on Offbeat Bride.

Click through to view more with the links at the bottom.


Concept: FRIENDORS CONSULTANCY // Photography: SIX HEARTS PHOTOGRAPHY // Venue: VENTANAS ATLANTA // HMUA: Corie + Erica with VIGILANTE COSMETICS // Bridal Gown: ANNA CAMPBELL from IVORY AND BEAU // Floral + Design: Bre for JULI VAUGHN DESIGNS  // China: VINTAGE ENGLISH TEACUP  // Bridal Headpiece: VANILLA HUE // Dessert: BLOOMING FLOUR BAKERY  // Stationary: JENKINS ROSE  // Model: Jessie Edwards

Click here to view the Six Hearts post.

Click here to view it featured on Offbeat Bride.

Click here to view the Ventanas Friendor Feature on Friendors.

Hey there! Schellie here! We’ve got a CONTEST for you (eek!) for a Jord Wood Watch, a unique item that’s perfect for you, your bridal party, or anyone special in your life, as well as a review of it  – I’ve been wearing it all week! 😉 I photographed a casual bridal session of Sasha (who also loves the watch!) and we used it as an accessory so I’m sharing those photos with you here.




As a Wedding Photographer, I am always on the adventure of a lifetime – spending days with clients that let me into the most intimate moments of their life and trust me to artistically document their love. I work closely with Planners to keep the day on their schedule and time is very important to me. It’s the only thing I have anxiety (the healthy kind) about and I am constantly telling (and proving to) everyone that I’d rather be an hour early than three minutes late anywhere. (Seriously, everywhere I go, I get there absurdly early and then explore the area or sit in our vehicle nearby and work)

Just because I’m a nerd about time doesn’t mean I’m not a cool kid when it comes to fashion or adventure. This has had me on a constant search for a stylish, modern, unique, and adventure ready (cause weddings are the ultimate adventures) time telling accessory that doesn’t cramp my wedding style (cause we all know how many lame watches are out there) and I’m declaring my search complete.


Jord, a Designer company, sent me one of their unique wooden timepieces and I’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s the ultimate luxury hipster accessory to match what I like to call my high maintenance eclectic boho style. I’ve put down some of my favorite things about my experience with my watch and have a contest link for you to win your very own Wood Watch by Jord (yay!).

Most watches haven’t been able to accommodate my unique closet – they are all so basic or traditional, but Jord Wood Watches really nailed my style. Designed with quality in mind, my watch has been conditioned with natural (ooh, hippie buzz word!) Tung oil which prevents cracking and also allows the beautiful natural (again!) colors of the wood it was crafted with to shine through. I got the Zebrawood & Maple from the Fieldcest Series. The two woods together create a nice mix of light and darkness, giving it a sophisticated versatility that simplifies putting together my outfits – it’s matched every single wedding outfit I’ve put on this week. (this also means it works for all of the seasons color palettes – bright or dark! yay!)


Since most of my job is holding a camera in front of peoples faces, there’s a lot of attention drawn to my hands. I don’t get my nails done but a few times a year (like I said, eclectic hippie type) so having a Jord watch there has boosted my confidence because now I know my clients are checking out my watch – I’ve even had a few compliments!

While I’ve been talking a lot about wearing this to weddings, it’s not like (most) people get married on a Tuesday so I’ve gotta dress down sometimes (But do I? Do I really?) and it easily works for both looks. The texture of the wood itself really spices and dresses up a simple tee so it works for my everyday life even when I’m on the go for casual consultations (or wild networking events) instead of fancy weddings.



TIP: Decide how you want your watch to fit. Do you want it to fit snug so it doesn’t move up and down your wrist or do you want it loose so it feels more like a bracelet?

TIP: Have someone else measure your wrist for good measure (hahahahha, we so punny)



Looking for a gift for your wedding party (or yourself?!)?

Search no more. You’re unique and so should your wedding day be! Give these bad babies to each member of your wedding party (gotta get em a gift anyways!) and it will really push their style over the edge while keeping them on schedule for your big day – killing several birds with one stone. PLUS, Jord offers a bundle discount if you purchase 3+.

There are many other people you could gift to – dads, moms, wedding planners, teens and adults alike, and more.

Ready to grab your own (for yourself or as a gift) now?

Click here to ENTER TO WIN a gift code for your own unique timepiece.

(Contest winner gets a $75 e-gift code to the shop and will be automatically selected and emailed.

All other entrants receive a $20 e-gift code automatically emailed just for entering.

The contest is live now, and will end Sunday  9/11/2016.

The $75 e-code will expire on 11/15/2016 and the $20 e-gift cards will expire 1/15/2017.)

Click here to check out my (which doesn’t mean you can’t have one too!) watch.

Grab your gals their bridesmaid gift now! Click here to explore the Womens shop.

Don’t forget your groomsmen! Click here to explore the Mens shop.

Click here to view more photos from this session by Six Hearts Photography.

Luxury Wood Watch

Hey guys!

Our Aliens had the pleasure of going to The Farm in Rome, GA for their first ever Open House!

Six Hearts Photography, SquidWed Films, DJ Cuttlefish and Robot Booth had soooooo much fun seeing all the vendors, meeting all the engaged folks, and going on golf-cart tours with Dixie!

This venue is the perfect place for your dream wedding!!

Here’s a video from SquidWed Films of all the loveliness!

(Click here to see RobotBooth’s photos from the Open House)

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Heya, brides!

We’re sure you’ve seen a bajillion posts on how to find the best wedding dress for you – how to decide which shade of White, how to budget, deciding your dress code, how to discover your body shape, yadda yadda yadda.

Well, we’re here to give you just a little bit of advice from a photographers perspective.

Now, we’re no professional fashionistas, dress designers, or shop owners, so take us at face value, but hey, we think we’ve got some good opinions.

Before you buy your wedding outfit, here are 5 simple and sweet things to do:

1. Sit down in your dress. Please. Are you comfortable?

2. Try on undergarments with the dress, preferably the ones you plan on wearing. Bras poking out of your wedding dress is not hot. We guess this could also be an after you purchase the dress thing (but totally before you wear it).

3. Wear it for a while before purchasing – walk around the store. Are you comfortable?

4. Know what you’re going for but follow your heart. Corny, right?

5. Know that you totally don’t even have to get a traditional wedding dress. Like, seriously. You want a pink jumpsuit instead? DO IT. Same rules apply.

Until next time!


Are you hitting walls with finding your wedding dress? Even halting your wedding design and planning because you love all the wedding stuff and can’t curate your style? Are you a classic bride? A Boho Bride? Glam?

Ivory and Beau, a wedding planning + bridal boutique, made a quiz to help ya out. Get started now!


Hashtags have continued to hold their trendiness at weddings over the years and for good reason. Your wedding hashtag serves the valuable purpose of being a wonderful wedding album from your guests perspective. All of your guests photos are accessible in one place and some of the images may end up being favorites of yours. Your guests want to brag about being at your wedding and a hashtag is a great way for them to do so. They encourage involvement. They connect people. Hashtags are great.

SO, here are 4 tips for creating your own personal hashtag.

  1. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Think outside the box. Be clever. Be unique. Struggling? Alliteration always appeals. Why do you think #ThrowbackThursday, #ManCrushMonday and #SelfieSunday are so popular? #ManCrushSunday is not cool – just like #NowShesANix is much more clever than #NixWedding.
  2. Enlist in the help of your wedding party. It’s a great way to get them involved and they may think of creative phrases you haven’t! You can narrow it down to 2 hashtags and then vote on the best. (fun!)
  3. Ask yourself, is what you’ve come up with easy to spell? Is your chosen last name difficult to spell? Maybe don’t incorporate your last name into it. Maybe you use your first names instead. Maybe use something totally off the wall that’s neither of your names. In addition, is it quick to type? Make sure your hashtag isn’t too long.
  4. Check it online. Don’t think that just cause you came up with cleverness that someone else hasn’t already thought it up and used it. Go to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (or wherever you’re expecting your guests to use this hashtag at) and look up the hashtag to make sure no one else is using it. Chances are, #YourLastNameWedding and #YourLastNameWedding2016 are taken. (which is why we have rule #1 and #2) After you’ve seen that it’s available, you’re good to go! Hashtag away!

Still struggling? WeddingWire’s hashtag generator can help ya out. We just found it and were like ‘whoooaaa’ and had to share.

Click here to generate your wedding hashtag.

Click here to view Six Hearts on WeddingWire.

Click here to view RobotBooth on WeddingWire.

Click here to view DJ Cuttlefish on WeddingWire.

Click here to view SquidWed Films on Wedding Wire.

Hey there pretty people!

We’re here to let you in on something magical today.

Atlanta’s top personality, BATON BOB, is having a Bridal Garden Party at Park Tavern! This is only the best thing ever because it’s presented by the Ambassador of Mirth himself, unveiling his new Out of the Box Wedding planning services!

Yes Way! And Guess what?

We’ve got 10 VIP tickets to get you IN for FREE!

Be our guest this Sunday, August 14th from 1-4 pm and see our Photography and Cinema team, Six Hearts and SquidWed Films!

Text 770-715-5792 for a chance to get a FREE VIP ticket now!!!

We will be announcing our guests in 3-4 days so don’t wait! Text us now for a chance to meet Baton Bob!

Don’t know Baton Bob? Find out more about him by clicking here and meet him in person August 14th!

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Hello there humans!

I’m here to catch you up on all things Far Out.

Our Aliens were invited to go to Mountain Laurel Farm recently for their Open House and we still can’t get over it. This Bed and Breakfast Wedding Venue took our breaths away as well as made us feel right at home.

Eat, Drink, Relax, and visit the Spa!

Russell was there representing Robot Booth, DJ Cuttlefish, and SquidWed Films! (see his trailer in a link below)

Rachael was there as Six Hearts Photography.

Check out some of her work below and check out the blogs below for more from our Creatives at Mountain Laurel Farm!

(Click here to see Robot Booth photos + a SquidWed Film by Russell from this Open House)

(Click here to see self portraits of Rachael from this Open House)

(Click here to see last year’s open house)

(Click here to see more Six Hearts work at Mtn Laurel Farm)


(Click here to see Robot Booth photos + a SquidWed Film by Russell from this Open House)

(Click here to see self portraits of Rachael from this Open House)

(Click here to see last year’s open house)

(Click here to see more Six Hearts work at Mtn Laurel Farm)

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Hello Humans!

Some of our Aliens went to Proctor Farm in Rome GA to explore this gorgeous wedding and event venue.

Adorned with stained glass windows, twinkling lights, and chandeliers, this venue will give you a fairy tale wedding your friends will envy. We felt like we were sprinkled with fairy dust as soon as we stepped foot in this wonderland.

And the best part? We love the owner, and she loves us.

So you can book our Far Out Galaxy Takeover package and have all of our Creatives at your wedding!!! Just ask about how you can get Six Hearts Photography, SquidWed Films, RobotBooth and Dj Cuttlefish now.

Check out these photos by Six Hearts Photography to see some of the magic for yourself!