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We are getting more and more stoked for and wanted to remind you all about the Lovesick Expo that’s happening this Sunday in Atlanta that our entire Galaxy will be at! YAY.

Be there or be square.

Click here for 5 Reasons You HAVE to go to Lovesick Expo.


  1. Some of us will be dressed funny. Like, in costumes.
  2. Day of DJ Cuttlefish will be performing a set from 11:00 am – 11:45 am. Come jam! *subject to change*
  3. We can get 10 couples in for free on a guest list. If you want in for FREE, upload a photo showing your love to Instagram using #FOGMakesMeLovesick and #FarOutGalaxy. The 10 winning couples will be contacted Friday night and Saturday morning. *IF YOUR PROFILE IS PRIVATE WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR POST*


It’s official! We are all (Six Hearts Photography, RobotBooth, DJ Cuttlefish, and Squid Wed Films) LOVESICK VENDORS. Yaaay.

In case you don’t understand the grandness of this (or know what it is), head to Lovesick Expo’s site and watch their video!

It’s a wedding show for the alternative engaged peeps, yes, but it’s much much more.

It’s on January 31 at Ambient + Studio and you should totally be there.

Here are 5 reasons why.

THEN, click here to buy your tickets for Atlanta and come see us!

  1. Burlesque and Booze. (Aahh, alliteration) It’s not just a wedding show. It’s a party for all the unrepresented in the wedding industry.
  2. Put on by “the world’s largest alternative wedding resource”, Offbeat Bride,  you can expect nothing but the weirdest and the best wedding professionals. You’re not boring so why should your wedding be?
  3. It is a welcoming and diverse environment, friendly to all people.
  4. Our entire team will be there! Experience an Alien face to face.
  5. It’s only 15 bucks. Not bad. Click here to buy tickets. AND, we found a 50% off code for the first 100 peoples! Click here for the code.

We think these reasons are enough. See you there. 😉


Far Out Galaxy



Hiiii! Instead of our traditional holiday party at the #FOGSpacePort, we decided to host a retreat – 4 days in the Great Smoky Mountains, 11 Aliens and several plus ones (17 living creatures total), one Mountain View Lodge.

The Lodge was amazing, with three full levels and a balcony on every level facing the mountains, individual bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone, a game room, a private movie theatre, an indoor pool, and more.

You may have followed along with us on Snapchat (our username is FarOutGalaxy) – thanks! Click here to view the sneak peek before proceeding.

What did we do?

Pool Day, Secret Santa Exchange, Karaoke, Work, Mini Golf, Beer Pong, Arcade Night, Go Kart Racing, Movie Night, Work, Table Pool and Foosball, Work, Hot Tub Night, Pumped Up the Jams with DJ Cuttlefish, had a Portrait Session with Six Hearts Photography, flirted with RobotBooth a lot, and sooooo much more.

Needless to say, it was a success. We learned about each other and strengthened our team. Hugs and fun were had.

Now check out some of our photos!

FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography001FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography002FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography003FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography004FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography005FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography006FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography007FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography008FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography009FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography010FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography011FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography012FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography013FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography014FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography015FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography016FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography017FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography018Tennessee Pigeon Forge - Atlanta Wedding Photograph- Far Out Galaxy Company Retreat - Six Hearts Photography_024FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography019FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography020FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography021FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography022FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography023FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography024FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography025FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography026FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography027FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography028FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography029FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography030FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography032FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography033FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography034FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography036FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography037FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography038FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography039FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography040FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography041FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography042FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography043FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography044FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography045FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography046FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography047FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography048FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography049FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography050FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography051FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography052FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography053FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography054FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography055FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography056FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography057FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography058FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography059FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography060FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography061FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography062FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography063FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography064FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography065FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography066FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography067FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography068FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography069FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography070FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography071FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography073FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography074FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography075FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography076FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography077FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography078FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography079


FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography081FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography082FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography083FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography084FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography085FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography086FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography087FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography088FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography089FOGCompanyRetreat2015 - Six Hearts Photography090

Heeeeeeeey! We just got back from our first ever Company Retreat with our entire Galaxy (minus 2 members). It lasted three days in the Great Smoky Mountains at Parkside Resort in their Mountain View Lodge. We had a Pool Day, Secret Santa Night, Go Kart Racing Night, Karaoke Night, and tons more.

Here are a few sneak peek photos from Six Hearts Photography. We will be sharing tons more soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

IMG_9580sneak peek company retreat 1sneak peek company retreat 2sneak peek company retreat 3

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Hello there, Humans. The Aliens from Far Out Galaxy reporting here.

We created and have been doing this regular hashtag thing on our Instagram for a while that we feel the need to share with you blog viewers now: #AdviceFromFarOutGalaxy.

So, here are just a few of our recent pieces of Advice.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Always be somewhere that allows you to shine.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Follow the Flowers 🌸🏃

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Inspire those around you. And yourself. ✨ And stick your tongue out whenever you damn well feel like it. 👅😉

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Find Out


Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Always remember that Dreams Don’t Expire.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Don’t be afraid to flirt with the camera a lil’. 😘

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: When in Vegas, sparkle. When not in Vegas, sparkle. ✨

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Whip your hair around. Dance on the sidewalk. And everywhere. Be a little wild.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Lend a helping hand. ✋💖

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Take some time today to lazy about with your lover.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy spotted in a small town parking deck. Fall in love with the insanity of life.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Find someone who is full of kind acts; return them. ✋

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Don’t be afraid of a lil’ paint. It makes for a prettier place.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Be you to the fullest extreme, whether it is different or the same. Dare you.

Hi. On the rare occasion that we have the day off, we enjoy visiting our Home Galaxy (@FarOutGalaxy) but one of our favorite parts of that is the view of Earth from our Space Ships. It gives us Robots and Aliens the feels. You Humans and us Aliens alike sometimes forget to appreciate life. Our Advice From Far Out Galaxy is to enjoy yourself, your friends, and this weird planet we call Earth. Take care. Stay Far Out. 🌍✌️


Hey there, peeps!

Six Hearts Photography, RobotBooth, and Dj Cuttlefish recently had the opportunity to be a part of Kate and Matt’s wedding day. 

Check out a few photos of us all at the wedding by Six Hearts and RobotBooth below then click through at the bottom of this post for their wedding post.




Planning & Coordination: J. ELLIOT STYLE


Officiant: Linela Angio

Greeter: Mike Epstein






Hair Stylist: Amanda with MARIE MARIE SALON

Bridal Shoes: ASH SNEAKERS

Grooms ring: ETSY

Groom and Menswear: MENS WEARHOUSE

Send Off Transportation : COOPER GLOBAL 

kate and matt 1kate and matt 3kate and matt 2kate and matt 4kate and matt 5kate and matt 64580860kate and matt 7

Click here for Kate and Matt’s Six Hearts Post.

Hey there! Our entire Galaxy was chosen to be a part of Kim and Brandon’s wedding day. A Galaxy Take Over, if you will.

Schellie + William with Six Hearts Photography photographed their day.

Steven with Squid Wed Films did cinematography.

Day with Dj Cuttlefish provided sound and light and was their Dj.

Mackenzie was their RobotBooth Specialist.

Check out a few photos by Six Hearts Photography and RobotBooth of us all there and then click through with the links at the bottom to see Kim and Brandon’s wedding posts.

P.S. If it looks like we’re having way too much fun, it’s kinda true; we love weddings! Especially together.

kim and brandon 14580836kim and brandon 24580841kim and brandon 34580851


Click here for Kim and Brandon’s Six Hearts post.

Click here for Kim and Brandon’s Squid Wed Films post.


Hey! Six Hearts, RobotBooth, and Dj Cuttlefish recently had the pleasure of being a part of Katie and Jared’s wedding.

Schellie and William of Six Hearts were their photographers, James was their RobotBooth Specialist, and Day was their Dj.

Below are a few photos by Six Hearts of us all working together – click through at the bottom of this post to view more photos from Katie and Jared’s wedding.


Sound and Light: DJ CUTTLEFISH


Bridesmaids Dresses: WEDDINGTON WAY

Grooms Ring: QALO

Officiant: Bert Carmichael




Bakery: PUBLIX 

Send Off Transportation: Hunter Taxi

katie and jared 1katie and jared 2katie and jared 3katie and jared 4

Click here for Katie and Jared’s Six Hearts Post.

Click here for Katie and Jared’s RobotBooth Post.