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Now more than ever, wedding throwers are asking their guests to put their cell phones and cameras down during the ceremony to enjoy the moment instead. It’s called an Unplugged Wedding and the popularity won’t be dying down anytime soon.

There’s nothing wrong with opting to allow your guest to take photos during your ceremony – we kinda think it makes ya look like a celebrity with paparazzi in your pro photog’s photos, you get photos from your guests perspective, it’s a wonderful hakuna matata way of life, and more. (but the pros of letting your guests use devices during your ceremony is a different conversation for a different person) Do yo thang, superstar.

But, if you’re one of those peeps that just isn’t having it with devices during your ceremony and are wondering simple ways to let your guests know you’re having an unplugged wedding, here are 4 places and ways to let them know how important this is to you, along with a few tips.

1. In Your Welcome Bags

2. Place a Sign at the The Ceremony Location Entrance

3. Put it in the Ceremony Program

4. Have Your Officiant Announce a Reminder Right Before the Ceremony

Tip: Our advice is to do all 4 of these things. You may think all 4 is overkill – but you don’t get whatcha want unless you’re forward about it.

Tip: Go beyond saying “unplugged” when stating your desires. Not all of your guests will even know what that means!

Tip: Don’t just write it! Use graphics! A cell phone or camera in a crossed out circle is clear to those who don’t speak your language (for multicultural weddings) and even to those little ones who can’t read but know how to use a smartphone.

Tip: Make sure you let your guests know they can use their phones during your reception! You don’t want them forgetting about your wedding hashtag.

Tip: Don’t stress it! What’s a few more photos going to hurt? 😉

Until next time!


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Lawn games are totally trending for weddings and events and we don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Searching for suggestions? Here are 13 from us!

  • Giant Jenga
  • Cornhole
  • Big Scrabble
  • Lifesize Checkers
  • Lifesize Chess
  • Ring toss
  • Giant Tic Tac Toe
  • Croquet
  • Wooden Bowling
  • Bocce Ball
  • Twister (painted on the grass or a custom made blanket)
  • Balloon Dart Board
  • Giant Pick Up Sticks

Notice that “Giant” is a trend? Lawn game aint a lawn game ‘less it’s lifesize.

Until next time!


Heya, brides!

We’re sure you’ve seen a bajillion posts on how to find the best wedding dress for you – how to decide which shade of White, how to budget, deciding your dress code, how to discover your body shape, yadda yadda yadda.

Well, we’re here to give you just a little bit of advice from a photographers perspective.

Now, we’re no professional fashionistas, dress designers, or shop owners, so take us at face value, but hey, we think we’ve got some good opinions.

Before you buy your wedding outfit, here are 5 simple and sweet things to do:

1. Sit down in your dress. Please. Are you comfortable?

2. Try on undergarments with the dress, preferably the ones you plan on wearing. Bras poking out of your wedding dress is not hot. We guess this could also be an after you purchase the dress thing (but totally before you wear it).

3. Wear it for a while before purchasing – walk around the store. Are you comfortable?

4. Know what you’re going for but follow your heart. Corny, right?

5. Know that you totally don’t even have to get a traditional wedding dress. Like, seriously. You want a pink jumpsuit instead? DO IT. Same rules apply.

Until next time!


Hashtags have continued to hold their trendiness at weddings over the years and for good reason. Your wedding hashtag serves the valuable purpose of being a wonderful wedding album from your guests perspective. All of your guests photos are accessible in one place and some of the images may end up being favorites of yours. Your guests want to brag about being at your wedding and a hashtag is a great way for them to do so. They encourage involvement. They connect people. Hashtags are great.

SO, here are 4 tips for creating your own personal hashtag.

  1. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Think outside the box. Be clever. Be unique. Struggling? Alliteration always appeals. Why do you think #ThrowbackThursday, #ManCrushMonday and #SelfieSunday are so popular? #ManCrushSunday is not cool – just like #NowShesANix is much more clever than #NixWedding.
  2. Enlist in the help of your wedding party. It’s a great way to get them involved and they may think of creative phrases you haven’t! You can narrow it down to 2 hashtags and then vote on the best. (fun!)
  3. Ask yourself, is what you’ve come up with easy to spell? Is your chosen last name difficult to spell? Maybe don’t incorporate your last name into it. Maybe you use your first names instead. Maybe use something totally off the wall that’s neither of your names. In addition, is it quick to type? Make sure your hashtag isn’t too long.
  4. Check it online. Don’t think that just cause you came up with cleverness that someone else hasn’t already thought it up and used it. Go to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (or wherever you’re expecting your guests to use this hashtag at) and look up the hashtag to make sure no one else is using it. Chances are, #YourLastNameWedding and #YourLastNameWedding2016 are taken. (which is why we have rule #1 and #2) After you’ve seen that it’s available, you’re good to go! Hashtag away!

Still struggling? WeddingWire’s hashtag generator can help ya out. We just found it and were like ‘whoooaaa’ and had to share.

Click here to generate your wedding hashtag.

Click here to view Six Hearts on WeddingWire.

Click here to view RobotBooth on WeddingWire.

Click here to view DJ Cuttlefish on WeddingWire.

Click here to view SquidWed Films on Wedding Wire.


So you want to tell your guests where to sit?

We’ve got 3 ideas for you now.

3 wedding seating cards 1 1

1. Escort Cars

Punny, right? (you know, cause they’re Escort CARds) And so adorable.

Click here to see this full wedding and the event professionals involved.

3 wedding seating cards 2 2

2. Wallet Size Prints

 We think printing wallet size prints as seating cards is sweet and sentimental. Plus, doubles as a Party Favor. And your photographer will love seeing photos they took being utilized in such a unique way!

Click here to see this wedding and the event professionals involved.

3 wedding seating cards 3 3

3. Hanging Teacups

You can have guests names simply hang from a paper tag on them. We’ve seen tea cups double as a party favor too!

Our Friendor Vintage English Teacup (though the pictured above is not from there) is a great professional for this if you want to rent!

Click here to view this wedding. 

Have any more ideas? Share them with us by emailing Schellie@FarOutGalaxy.com


Far Out Galaxy


Thinking about an engagement session location? Six Hearts Photography shares 5 location ideas with us along with one question: who’s up for it?

1. Hot Air Balloon

2. Aquarium

3. Local Airport

4. Poolside (with big sunglasses, decorative drinks, and floats of course)

5. Tennis Court (let’s go down to the tennis court and talk it up like yeah)

Call us now to book your engagement session and wedding photography with Six Hearts Photography.




It’s official! We are all (Six Hearts Photography, RobotBooth, DJ Cuttlefish, and Squid Wed Films) LOVESICK VENDORS. Yaaay.

In case you don’t understand the grandness of this (or know what it is), head to Lovesick Expo’s site and watch their video!

It’s a wedding show for the alternative engaged peeps, yes, but it’s much much more.

It’s on January 31 at Ambient + Studio and you should totally be there.

Here are 5 reasons why.

THEN, click here to buy your tickets for Atlanta and come see us!

  1. Burlesque and Booze. (Aahh, alliteration) It’s not just a wedding show. It’s a party for all the unrepresented in the wedding industry.
  2. Put on by “the world’s largest alternative wedding resource”, Offbeat Bride,  you can expect nothing but the weirdest and the best wedding professionals. You’re not boring so why should your wedding be?
  3. It is a welcoming and diverse environment, friendly to all people.
  4. Our entire team will be there! Experience an Alien face to face.
  5. It’s only 15 bucks. Not bad. Click here to buy tickets. AND, we found a 50% off code for the first 100 peoples! Click here for the code.

We think these reasons are enough. See you there. 😉


Far Out Galaxy



Hello there, Humans. The Aliens from Far Out Galaxy reporting here.

We created and have been doing this regular hashtag thing on our Instagram for a while that we feel the need to share with you blog viewers now: #AdviceFromFarOutGalaxy.

So, here are just a few of our recent pieces of Advice.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Always be somewhere that allows you to shine.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Follow the Flowers 🌸🏃

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Inspire those around you. And yourself. ✨ And stick your tongue out whenever you damn well feel like it. 👅😉

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Find Out


Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Always remember that Dreams Don’t Expire.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Don’t be afraid to flirt with the camera a lil’. 😘

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: When in Vegas, sparkle. When not in Vegas, sparkle. ✨

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Whip your hair around. Dance on the sidewalk. And everywhere. Be a little wild.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Lend a helping hand. ✋💖

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Take some time today to lazy about with your lover.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy spotted in a small town parking deck. Fall in love with the insanity of life.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Find someone who is full of kind acts; return them. ✋

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Don’t be afraid of a lil’ paint. It makes for a prettier place.

Advice From Far Out Galaxy: Be you to the fullest extreme, whether it is different or the same. Dare you.

Hi. On the rare occasion that we have the day off, we enjoy visiting our Home Galaxy (@FarOutGalaxy) but one of our favorite parts of that is the view of Earth from our Space Ships. It gives us Robots and Aliens the feels. You Humans and us Aliens alike sometimes forget to appreciate life. Our Advice From Far Out Galaxy is to enjoy yourself, your friends, and this weird planet we call Earth. Take care. Stay Far Out. 🌍✌️