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So You Want An Unplugged Ceremony? – 4 Places/Ways To Remind Guests + Tips- Far Out Galaxy

Now more than ever, wedding throwers are asking their guests to put their cell phones and cameras down during the ceremony to enjoy the moment instead. It’s called an Unplugged Wedding and the popularity won’t be dying down anytime soon.

There’s nothing wrong with opting to allow your guest to take photos during your ceremony – we kinda think it makes ya look like a celebrity with paparazzi in your pro photog’s photos, you get photos from your guests perspective, it’s a wonderful hakuna matata way of life, and more. (but the pros of letting your guests use devices during your ceremony is a different conversation for a different person) Do yo thang, superstar.

But, if you’re one of those peeps that just isn’t having it with devices during your ceremony and are wondering simple ways to let your guests know you’re having an unplugged wedding, here are 4 places and ways to let them know how important this is to you, along with a few tips.

1. In Your Welcome Bags

2. Place a Sign at the The Ceremony Location Entrance

3. Put it in the Ceremony Program

4. Have Your Officiant Announce a Reminder Right Before the Ceremony

Tip: Our advice is to do all 4 of these things. You may think all 4 is overkill – but you don’t get whatcha want unless you’re forward about it.

Tip: Go beyond saying “unplugged” when stating your desires. Not all of your guests will even know what that means!

Tip: Don’t just write it! Use graphics! A cell phone or camera in a crossed out circle is clear to those who don’t speak your language (for multicultural weddings) and even to those little ones who can’t read but know how to use a smartphone.

Tip: Make sure you let your guests know they can use their phones during your reception! You don’t want them forgetting about your wedding hashtag.

Tip: Don’t stress it! What’s a few more photos going to hurt? 😉

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