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We’re Unique, You’re Unique – The Ultimate Unique Wedding Accessory Contest – Far Out Galaxy

Hey there! Schellie here! We’ve got a CONTEST for you (eek!) for a Jord Wood Watch, a unique item that’s perfect for you, your bridal party, or anyone special in your life, as well as a review of it  – I’ve been wearing it all week! 😉 I photographed a casual bridal session of Sasha (who also loves the watch!) and we used it as an accessory so I’m sharing those photos with you here.




As a Wedding Photographer, I am always on the adventure of a lifetime – spending days with clients that let me into the most intimate moments of their life and trust me to artistically document their love. I work closely with Planners to keep the day on their schedule and time is very important to me. It’s the only thing I have anxiety (the healthy kind) about and I am constantly telling (and proving to) everyone that I’d rather be an hour early than three minutes late anywhere. (Seriously, everywhere I go, I get there absurdly early and then explore the area or sit in our vehicle nearby and work)

Just because I’m a nerd about time doesn’t mean I’m not a cool kid when it comes to fashion or adventure. This has had me on a constant search for a stylish, modern, unique, and adventure ready (cause weddings are the ultimate adventures) time telling accessory that doesn’t cramp my wedding style (cause we all know how many lame watches are out there) and I’m declaring my search complete.


Jord, a Designer company, sent me one of their unique wooden timepieces and I’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s the ultimate luxury hipster accessory to match what I like to call my high maintenance eclectic boho style. I’ve put down some of my favorite things about my experience with my watch and have a contest link for you to win your very own Wood Watch by Jord (yay!).

Most watches haven’t been able to accommodate my unique closet – they are all so basic or traditional, but Jord Wood Watches really nailed my style. Designed with quality in mind, my watch has been conditioned with natural (ooh, hippie buzz word!) Tung oil which prevents cracking and also allows the beautiful natural (again!) colors of the wood it was crafted with to shine through. I got the Zebrawood & Maple from the Fieldcest Series. The two woods together create a nice mix of light and darkness, giving it a sophisticated versatility that simplifies putting together my outfits – it’s matched every single wedding outfit I’ve put on this week. (this also means it works for all of the seasons color palettes – bright or dark! yay!)


Since most of my job is holding a camera in front of peoples faces, there’s a lot of attention drawn to my hands. I don’t get my nails done but a few times a year (like I said, eclectic hippie type) so having a Jord watch there has boosted my confidence because now I know my clients are checking out my watch – I’ve even had a few compliments!

While I’ve been talking a lot about wearing this to weddings, it’s not like (most) people get married on a Tuesday so I’ve gotta dress down sometimes (But do I? Do I really?) and it easily works for both looks. The texture of the wood itself really spices and dresses up a simple tee so it works for my everyday life even when I’m on the go for casual consultations (or wild networking events) instead of fancy weddings.



TIP: Decide how you want your watch to fit. Do you want it to fit snug so it doesn’t move up and down your wrist or do you want it loose so it feels more like a bracelet?

TIP: Have someone else measure your wrist for good measure (hahahahha, we so punny)



Looking for a gift for your wedding party (or yourself?!)?

Search no more. You’re unique and so should your wedding day be! Give these bad babies to each member of your wedding party (gotta get em a gift anyways!) and it will really push their style over the edge while keeping them on schedule for your big day – killing several birds with one stone. PLUS, Jord offers a bundle discount if you purchase 3+.

There are many other people you could gift to – dads, moms, wedding planners, teens and adults alike, and more.

Ready to grab your own (for yourself or as a gift) now?

Click here to ENTER TO WIN a gift code for your own unique timepiece.

(Contest winner gets a $75 e-gift code to the shop and will be automatically selected and emailed.

All other entrants receive a $20 e-gift code automatically emailed just for entering.

The contest is live now, and will end Sunday  9/11/2016.

The $75 e-code will expire on 11/15/2016 and the $20 e-gift cards will expire 1/15/2017.)

Click here to check out my (which doesn’t mean you can’t have one too!) watch.

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Click here to view more photos from this session by Six Hearts Photography.

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