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Happy Friday everyone.

You might remember SquidWed Film‘s short video from The Farm in Rome, GA a while ago for their Open House.

Did you know SixHearts, RobotBooth, and DJ Cuttlefish were there too?

Yes way! And all of our Aliens had a blast at this jaw-dropping wedding venue in Rome.

With open fields as far as the eye can see, dancing trees all around you, and romantic architecture around every corner, this is one of the dreamiest place we’ve been to.

Not to mention the Darlin’ Dixie, owner and planner at The Farm, who makes you feel like family the day you meet her!

Call Dixie Bagley at 706-252-0497 and schedule a tour today! She’ll offer you some of her fruit water, a glass of wine, and a doughnut from her bakery, The Sweet Bar. 😉 How can you say no to that?

All around this is the perfect place for a perfect wedding!

Check out these photos from Six Hearts Photography and see for yourself!

(Click here to see SquidWed Film’s video from The Farm Open House 2016)

(Click here to see RobotBooth’s photos + stop-motion music video from The Farm Open House 2016)


(Click here to see SquidWed Film’s video from The Farm Open House 2016)

(Click here to see RobotBooth’s photos + stop-motion music video from The Farm Open House 2016)

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Are you hitting walls with finding your wedding dress? Even halting your wedding design and planning because you love all the wedding stuff and can’t curate your style? Are you a classic bride? A Boho Bride? Glam?

Ivory and Beau, a wedding planning + bridal boutique, made a quiz to help ya out. Get started now!


Heya Humans!

Our Aliens recently went on an intergalactic adventure and landed on your Milky Way in Dahlonega, GA. These Aliens, Rachael with Six Hearts Photography and Sasha with Far Out Galaxy, set out to visit Juliette Chapel, a beautiful wedding and event venue. Our Aliens instantly fell in love with Juliette Chapel and Juliette Chapel returned the feelings.

They loved our Creatives so much that they added our WHOLE TEAM of professionals to their vendor list! Who wouldn’t love to see all of our smiling faces capturing your life’s most precious moments? It’s called the Far Out Galaxy Takeover package, and a great bargain! Find out how you can get RobotBooth, DJ Cuttlefish, SquidWed Films, and Six Hearts Photography at your event now by calling 770-876-9248.

Check out these stunning photos Rachael took during their adventure, and check out RobotBooth’s take on the trip here.

dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-11pp_w1600_h736dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-1pp_w1600_h2392dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-2pp_w1600_h656dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-3pp_w1600_h1600dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-9pp_w1600_h530dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-10pp_w1600_h2136dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-6pp_w1600_h1806dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-7pp_w1600_h530dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-4pp_w1600_h432dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-5pp_w1600_h2136dahlonega-wedding-venue-juliette-chapel-six-hearts-photography-8pp_w1600_h2392Like what you see? Check out RobotBooth’s kind words about Juliette Chapel on the blog now.