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Squid Wed Films Cinematographer

Steven has been doing photography and cinematography for 25+ years and is talented, professional, and consistently produces quality work that makes viewers laugh and cry.

In 7th Grade he was voted Class Favorite and considered himself a comedian. We bet if they had the vote again, he’d still be on the ballot.

Class Favorite isn’t the only thing he’s won; Steven also won an Apex Award for a photograph he took.

But wait, that’s not the only thing he won either.

He also won the Love Lottery. Steven has been married to his beautiful wife, Sabra, for sixteen years with two kids.

If he won the Literal Lottery, he says he’d buy a motor home and travel all over the US (and beyond) doing large format photography.

Steven collects old cameras and old photo magazines, with a love for the process of developing film and researching the old cameras. Keep your eye balls peeled for a blog he plans to create to begin showcasing his film results.

Steven has been doing photography as a serious hobby since 1985 and since 1989 in the professional realm.

His interests outside of work include his being a musician; he plays bass and sings in a few local bands. Can you say “cool guy”? We just did. This eye for imagery paired with a talent for music makes him the best cinematographer we could find. We challenge you to try.

His favorite dessert is Crème Brule and just about ANY type of cheesecake. Maybe that’s why he really loves weddings – the desserts. ha!


Do you want to contact Steven?

Email: Steven @ FarOutGalaxy.com (without the spaces)