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Creative Photographer + Editor for Six Hearts,
RobotBooth Specialist for RobotBooth


Rachael is multi talented and does an array of things for our Galaxy.

As a lefty in a world of right handed cameras (seriously, the tragedy), Rachael has triumphed and beat the odds; she’s a Creative Wedding Photographer for Six Hearts Photography! Her work is creative, well composed, and has been published by many prestigious publications.

At weddings and events, you can find her “photographing” the Strawberry Cheesecake.

Click here to view Rachael’s Wedding work.

She is also our Six Hearts Editor, handling all of our post production tasks.

Have a question about your Six Hearts online gallery, your USB, or album? You’re probably already on her radar.

Rachael is a Capricorn with a huge fear of heights and an ironic love for roller coasters. Her interests outside of photography include painting, drawing, and traveling. If she were a Disney princess, she would be Rapunzel. You know you want Rapunzel photographing your wedding.