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RobotBooth Post Production Manager, RobotBooth Specialist, + Dj Cuttlefish Disc Jockey 

Mackenzie is the Logistics Manager and a Specialist for RobotBooth. With Fine Art training from the University of West Georgia, Mackenzie handles various tasks involving post production and operating RobotBooth at events… and sampling all the Chocolate desserts. 😉

Have a question about your RobotBooth gallery, music video, or disc? She’s your gal!

In addition, Mackenzie is a DJ for our Dj Cuttlefish team. Whoever said blondes were more fun never heard a red head throw down some jams.

Mackenzie’s mother would describe her as strong willed, organized, and having a good sense of humor.

Her interests outside of work include graphics and traveling. So far, Vegas is her favorite destination.

Much like Vegas, you’ll find that working with Mackenzie is a pleasure for everyone.