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Account Executive, DJ, + Robot Booth Attendant

Jessica is an Account Executive for Far Out Galaxy, a DJ at DJ Cuttlefish, and also runs Robot Booth at events.

With an encouraging mother and a father who allowed her to tag along with his touring band from a young age, Jessica has the purest love for music and art running through her veins. Lucky for her, it didn’t stop with her family; she married into a group of creatives where she and her husband, Christian, are constantly soaking in the magic of traveling renaissance theatre.

Taking a cue from the colorfulness in one of her favorite shows, Adventure Time, Jessica’s hair is always some shade of blue and she predicts that she’ll be referred to as “The Crazy Blue Lady” when she’s older, a prediction we hope to see come to fruition.

Even though her hair is blue, you’ll never be blue around her.

Jessica is a child at heart, taking whimsy and imagination everywhere she goes, and it’s one of the many reasons she’s perfect for the event industry. Consistently striving to make the world a happier place through laughter and song, you can’t help but to enjoy your time around this blue haired beauty.

Who better to help make your party a success?