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DJ Cuttlefish DJ + Robot Booth Attendant

Jenny is a DJ for DJ Cuttlefish and a Robot Booth Attendant for our Galaxy.

She is academically educated in areas such as music theory, ear training, improvisation, and diction, which makes her the ideal fit for DJing events.

Her love for music doesn’t stop there. She’s a Music Technology and Jazz Music major, plays the¬†saxophone, clarinet, and piano, and has been singing her whole life with training as an Opera Singer.

Are your pants impressed off yet?

With a strong passion for music and every area that entails, she’s able to create magical memories at every wedding and event she DJs.

When she’s not DJing or being passionate about music, she has a strong pull to feminism, politics, cooking, traveling, art, and bar tending.

Who better to be at your event than someone as well trained as Jenny?