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Lead RobotBooth Specialist

With Fine Art Photography training from the Art Institute of Atlanta, James Connelly is our Lead RobotBooth Specialist (ooh, fancy). He has been operating RobotBooth and training other aliens for several years.

Where he’s from: Coolsville, Far Out Galaxy.

Population: Us.

Averaging about 27 events a month together, he and RobotBooth are pretty much BFFs. They have seen it all together and are the ultimate duo for your party. He is detail oriented, knowledgeable, and experienced.

Do you understand Robot Language? Have you ever had the grooms mother lick way up your neck and into your ear?

James: 2 / You: 0

Professional and hip, James is someone that you will remember from your event. You know what he remembers? All 50 states. That’s right, he can name them all. He may even be the type of person you’d like to grab a drink with. Sorry, he’s straight edge.

With subscriptions to Motorcycle Classics, Game Informer, and American Photo, his interests outside of photography are motorcycles, baseball, and video games.

We know you will request James to be your operator many more times in the future.