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Disc Jockey + RobotBooth Specialist

Day is a Disc Jockey for Dj Cuttlefish and a RobotBooth Specialist.

Beginning in clubs and house parties, getting the dance floor going is Day’s specialty; from weddings and corporate events, all the way to Mitzvahs and everything in between, it’s his favorite thing about events. He enjoys Hip Hop and House, but he can get a crowd going to anything, from classics to country to swing all the way to the latest hits.

Day knows his music.

He also knows all the technical stuff that we normal aliens and humans don’t really understand; mics, wiring, mixing, pitch bending, music theory, and more.

He enjoys working with each client to make their party paramount and consistently transcends expectations. AKA, expect to have your pants impressed off. He’s not your typical playlist playin’ DJ.

Happiness to Day is good times, good friends, and good music. If he ever won the lottery, he says he would throw a block party.

Who better to get your party started?

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